Top 10 Free AI Music Generators in 2024

In the realm of music, the fusion of technology and creativity has given rise to a groundbreaking innovation: AI music generators.

These remarkable systems, powered by artificial intelligence, are revolutionizing the way we compose, produce, and experience music. From generating melodies and harmonies to crafting entire compositions across various genres, AI music generators are unlocking a new world of possibilities for musicians, producers, and music enthusiasts alike.

In this article, we will delve into the fascinating field of artificial intelligence music generators and discover the best AI music generators for 2024.

top 10 ai music generator

Top 10 AI Music Generators in 2024

1. Amper Music

First up on our list is Amper Music, a powerful AI music generator that allows you to create custom music tracks in minutes.

Whether you’re looking for a catchy pop tune or a dramatic orchestral piece, Amper Music has got you covered. With its intuitive interface and vast library of sounds, creating your own music has never been easier. Plus, it’s completely free to use, so you can let your creativity run wild without breaking the bank.


2. Jukedeck

Next on our list is Jukedeck, an AI music generator that specializes in creating royalty-free music for videos, podcasts, and more.

With Jukedeck, you can easily customize the tempo, mood, and style of your music to perfectly match your project. Whether you need a funky groove for a commercial or a relaxing melody for a meditation app, Jukedeck has the perfect track for you. And the best part? It’s completely free to use, you can add professional-quality music to your projects without spending a dime.



If you’re a fan of classical music, then you’ll love AIVA. This AI music generator is designed to compose beautiful, emotional music in the style of classical composers like Mozart and Beethoven.

With AIVA, you can create your own symphonies, sonatas, and concertos with just a few clicks. It’s completely free to use, so you can indulge your inner maestro without having to pay for expensive sheet music or hiring a live orchestra.


4. Ecrett Music

For those who love electronic music, Ecrett Music is the perfect AI music generator for you.

This innovative platform allows you to create custom electronic music tracks using AI algorithms that analyze your preferences and style. Whether you’re into house, techno, or dubstep, Ecrett Music can help you create the perfect track for your next party or DJ set. It’s completely free to use, so you can unleash your inner EDM superstar without spending a penny.

ecrett music

5. Alysia

If you’re a singer-songwriter looking for inspiration, then Alysia is the AI music generator for you.

This innovative platform uses AI algorithms to analyze your voice and lyrics, then creates custom music tracks to match your unique style. Whether you’re a pop diva, a folk troubadour, or a rock star, Alysia can help you bring your musical vision to life. You can create professional-quality music without having to hire a band or producer.



For those who love funky beats and groovy rhythms, is the perfect AI music generator for you.

This innovative platform uses AI algorithms to analyze your musical preferences and create custom tracks that are guaranteed to get you moving and grooving. Whether you’re into funk, disco, or soul, has got the perfect track for your next dance party or workout session.


Kicking off our list is VEED, a user-friendly and top-notch text-to-music generator. Known for its comprehensive video editing suite, VEED has seamlessly integrated AI into its offerings.

Using VEED’s AI music generator is a breeze. Choose a desired “Vibe” for your track and provide a detailed prompt describing the type of music you seek. With a simple click on “Create Track,” you can instantly generate awesome, royalty-free music.

VEED is particularly well-suited for crafting AI-generated background music for YouTube or Instagram videos. These 20-second tracks can be looped and played in the background, enhancing the audio experience of your content.


8. Melodrive

For those who love video game music, Melodrive is the perfect AI music generator for you.

This innovative platform uses AI algorithms to create custom music tracks that dynamically adapt to the action and mood of your game. Whether you’re developing a high-octane shooter or a whimsical platformer, Melodrive can help you create the perfect soundtrack to immerse your players in the game world. You can add professional-quality music to your game without spending a penny.


9. Soundful

Soundful harnesses the capabilities of AI to effortlessly produce royalty-free background music for a variety of creative projects such as videos, streams, and podcasts.

The user-friendly process involves selecting a genre, customizing inputs, and generating tracks until the perfect fit is found. What sets Soundful apart is its commitment to uniqueness. With AI algorithms trained note-by-note alongside renowned producers and sound engineers, it ensures that no existing songs or tracks from its own platform are replicated. Users can explore over 50 templates across various genres to kickstart their music creation journey.


10. Magenta

Last but not least, we have Magenta, a cutting-edge research project that explores the intersection of AI and music.

This innovative platform uses AI algorithms to create original music compositions that push the boundaries of traditional music theory. Whether you’re a music scholar, a tech enthusiast, or just a curious listener, Magenta can help you explore the future of music creation. It’s completely free to use, so you can dive into the world of AI-generated music without spending a dime.



So there you have it, folks – the top 10 free AI music generators that are guaranteed to revolutionize the way you create and experience music. Whether you’re a casual listener, a professional musician, or just someone who loves to get down and boogie, these AI music generators have something for everyone.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your headphones and start exploring the exciting world of AI-generated music today!

FAQs About AI Music Generators

  1. How does an AI music generator work?
    AI music generators use machine learning algorithms to analyze music data and learn patterns, structures, and styles. They generate original music by leveraging the learned knowledge and can be guided by user inputs like genre or mood. Through iterative training and user feedback, they improve their composition capabilities.
  2. Is AI-generated music ethical?
    The ethical implications of AI-generated music are subjective and context-dependent. Concerns include potential job displacement for musicians, issues of originality and authenticity, and the responsible use of copyrighted material. Ethical considerations should be taken into account when developing and using AI music technologies.
  3. What are the risks of AI generated music?
    There are several risks associated with AI-generated music. These include:
    • Potential copyright infringement if the training data includes copyrighted material without proper authorization.
    • The potential for lack of originality and creative expression.
    • The displacement of human musicians and composers.
    • The potential for biases or unintended consequences in the generated music due to biases in the training data or algorithms.
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