Top 10 Online & Free Live Phone Location Tracker Tools

In today’s digital world, phone location tracking tools have become essential for safety and convenience. They enable users to locate their devices in real-time and share their location with others when needed.

In this article, we review the top 10 online and free live phone location tracker tools, providing an overview of their features and how they can be used effectively. Let’s delve into the world of device tracking and location services.

top 10 phone location tracker tools

Criteria for Choosing a GPS Phone Tracker

When selecting the best phone tracker tools, we focused on several key factors:

  • Accuracy: Crucial for precise real-time tracking. We also prioritized ease of use, ensuring the tools offer a user-friendly interface.
  • Reliability: Assessed based on consistent delivery of mobile GPS location data.
  • Compatibility: Compatibility with different devices and operating systems is important for versatility.
  • Privacy and Security: Ensuring the tools respect user privacy and include strong security measures.

Top 10 Online & Free Live Phone Location Tracker Tools

Google Find My (Android)

Google Find My Device is a powerful GPS phone tracker for Android users to locate, ring, or wipe their devices remotely. It provides a simple and secure way to protect your Android phone or tablet and allows you to track Android devices location using your Google account.

google find my

Key Features:

  • Device Location: Easily locate your Android device on a map in real-time.
  • Ring: Make your device ring at full volume, even if it’s on silent.
  • Remote Wipe: Erase all personal data from your device.
  • Lock: Securely lock your device to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Offline Tracking: Receive notifications when your device is found, even if it’s offline.


  • Integration: Seamlessly integrated with Android devices.
  • Ease of Use: Simple setup and intuitive interface.


  • Heavy reliance on Google services may raise privacy concerns for some users.

Where’s My Droid (Android)

Where’s My Droid is another free cell phone location tracker for Android devices. It offers various features to track and secure your device.

wheres my droid

Key Features:

  • GPS Tracking: Locate your device using GPS.
  • Ring: Trigger a loud ring to find your phone nearby.
  • Lock: Remotely lock your device.
  • Wipe: Erase data to prevent unauthorized access.
  • SIM Monitor: Get alerts for SIM card changes.


  • Comprehensive Features: Offers a range of tracking and security options.
  • Customizable: Tailor settings to your preferences.
  • Low Power Consumption: Optimized for battery life.


  • Limited Background Recording: Requires additional system configuration for background tracking.

Geo-Tracker (Android)

Geo-Tracker is an Android GPS phone tracker designed for outdoor enthusiasts. It allows you to record GPS tracks, analyze statistics, and share them with friends.

geo tracker

Key Features:

  • GPS Tracking: Record and analyze your trips.
  • Satellite Images: Detailed maps from Google or Mapbox.
  • Background Recording: Continuously record tracks even in the background.
  • Statistics: Distance, speed, altitude, and more.


  • Usability: Simple and user-friendly.
  • Offline Maps: Save map areas for offline use.
  • Battery Optimization: Efficient power consumption.


  • Android-Exclusive: No iOS or cross-platform support.

Find My (iPhone)

Find My is Apple’s unified app for locating lost or stolen Apple devices. If you use iOS 13 or later, you can easily share your location with other iOS devices. For iOS 9 to iOS 12, please use the Find My Friends instead.

find my iphone

Key Features:

  • Device Tracking: Locate your Apple devices on a map.
  • Lost Mode: Lock your device, display contact information, and track its location.
  • Offline Tracking: Receive notifications when your device is found, even if it’s offline.
  • Family Sharing: Locate family members who share their location.


  • Seamless Integration: Works across all Apple devices.
  • Privacy: Location data remains secure.
  • Separation Alerts: Notifies you if you leave a device behind.


  • iOS-Only: Not available for Android or other platforms.

Find My Friends (iPhone)

Find My Friends is an iOS app that allows users to share their real-time location with friends and family. It’s particularly useful for keeping track of loved ones’ whereabouts.Also, you can use it to find a cheating spouse’s location.

find my friends

Key Features:

  • Location Sharing: Share your live location with specific contacts.
  • Customizable Privacy: Choose when and with whom to share your location.
  • Group Circles: Create groups to see the locations of multiple people.
  • ETA Information: Get estimated arrival times for friends and family.


  • User Control: Individuals can decide when to share their location.
  • Group Tracking: Easily monitor the whereabouts of family members.
  • Cross-Platform: Works across iOS devices.


  • Limited Features: Primarily focused on location sharing.

iCloud Find Devices (iPhone)

iCloud Find Devices is part of Apple’s iCloud suite. It helps you locate your Apple devices, including iPhones, iPads, Macs, and AirPods.

icloud find device

Key Features:

  • Device Tracking: Locate your Apple devices on a map.
  • Offline Tracking: Receive notifications when your device is found, even if it’s offline.
  • Family Sharing: Locate family members who share their location.
  • Precision Finding: Pinpoint lost items using AirTags or Find My technology.


  • Tight Integration: Seamlessly works with other Apple services.
  • Privacy: Your location data remains secure.
  • Offline Alerts: Notifies you even when devices are offline.


  • Limited Dashboard: Could benefit from a more dedicated management interface.

Google Maps (Android & iPhone)

Google Maps is a versatile GPS tracker for a phone that provides accurate maps, turn-by-turn directions, and various views (traffic, satellite, terrain). Google Map offers live location sharing on both Android and iPhone platforms. And it allows tracking more than one device as far as location sharing is in place.

google map

Key Features:

  • Accurate Maps: Detailed maps for driving, walking, cycling, and public transit.
  • Voice Guidance: Clear instructions for navigation.
  • Lane Guidance: Helps with complex intersections.
  • Offline Maps: Download maps for use without an internet connection.


  • Cross-Platform: Available for both Android and iOS.
  • Comprehensive Features: Covers driving, walking, and public transit.
  • Night Mode: Recently introduced for iOS.


  • Privacy concerns: Google’s data collection practices may concern some users.

Life360 Free GPS Phone Tracker (Android & iPhone)

Life360 is a location tracking app designed for families and groups. It allows members to share their real-time location and is particularly popular among parents for monitoring their children’s whereabouts.


Key Features:

  • Location Sharing: Share live location with family members.
  • Group Circles: Set up groups to track each other.
  • ETA Information: Receive estimated arrival times.
  • Passive Tracking: Works in the background without manual activation.


  • Ease of Use: Simple setup and intuitive interface.
  • Cross-Platform: Available on both Android and iOS.
  • Free Version: Basic features are accessible without cost.


  • Lack of geolocation notifications: No alerts for specific locations.

IMEI Number (Android & iPhone)

An IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number is a unique 15-digit code assigned to mobile devices and can assist with tracking. It serves as a digital fingerprint for identifying phones on mobile networks.

imei number

Key Features:

  • Device Identification: Uniquely identifies a phone.
  • Anti-Theft Measures: Helps block stolen or lost devices.
  • Used Phone Verification: Check if a used phone is blacklisted or reported stolen.


  • Anti-Theft Security: Prevents unauthorized use of stolen devices.
  • Used Phone Validation: Useful when buying second-hand phones.


  • Limited Functionality: Primarily used for identification.
  • Not User-Accessible: Users can’t modify or change the IMEI.

Glympse (Android & iPhone)

Glympse is an app for sharing real-time location with friends and family. Glympse offers real-time location sharing for a set time period and emphasizes user control and simplicity.


Key Features:

  • On-Demand Location Sharing: Choose when to share your location.
  • Group Tracking: Set up groups to see each other’s whereabouts.
  • ETA Information: Provides estimated arrival times.
  • Passive Use: Works in the background without constant interaction.


  • User-Friendly: Easy to use and understand.
  • Cross-Platform: Available on both Android and iOS.
  • Free: No cost for basic features.


  • Limited Features: Focused primarily on location sharing.
  • No Geolocation Notifications: Lacks alerts for specific locations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can someone track your phone location by phone number?

Yes, certain apps that track location may use the phone number to gather location data. Carriers may have the capability to track mobile phones by phone number, but this usually requires legal authorization.

Can someone track my phone location without my permission?

Yes, unauthorized tracking of your phone location is possible but generally requires specialized tracking devices for cell phones or apps that operate secretly.

Will removing a SIM card stop tracking?

Removing a SIM card can disrupt tracking, as some phone tracking device apps and GPS tracking cells depend on network connectivity provided by the SIM card. However, GPS location tracking can still be possible through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections.


These top 10 online and free live phone location tracker tools provide various features and capabilities to help you keep track of your devices or loved ones’ locations.

Whether you’re using Android or iPhone, these tools offer a range of options to suit your needs while respecting privacy and ensuring security. Explore the available options to find the best phone tracker tool for your requirements.

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