9 Best Phone Call Trackers for Your Reference

Unlock the power of tracking call history with our comprehensive guide! In today’s digital age, monitoring and tracking call logs has become essential. Whether you’re a concerned parent, employer, or simply want to keep tabs on your own calls, call log monitor apps offer a range of features.

Learn how to track call history and even delete or retrieve it. Stay in control and make informed decisions with the help of track call history tools!

9 best call log monitor apps

Can I Check Someone’s Call History Online?

Yes, it is possible to check someone’s call history online through certain call log monitor apps and services. These tools allow users to remotely access and view the call history of the targeted device, providing details such as incoming and outgoing calls, call duration, and caller information.

What Phone Call Log Monitor Can Do

A phone call log monitor can provide various capabilities depending on the specific software or application being used. Here are some common features and functionalities:

  1. Call Tracking: It can track incoming and outgoing calls, providing details such as the caller’s number, call duration, time and date of the call, and contact information.
  2. Call Recording: Some call history monitors allow you to record phone conversations for later playback and review.
  3. Call History Analysis: It provides an overview of call history, including statistics on call frequency, duration, and contact patterns.
  4. Contact Information: It can display contact details for each call, such as the name, number, and any associated information saved in the device’s contacts.
  5. Call Filtering and Blocking: It allows you to filter or block specific numbers or contacts from making calls to your device.
  6. Real-time Monitoring: Some advanced call log monitors provide real-time monitoring, instantly updating call logs as new calls are made or received.
  7. Remote Access: Depending on the software, you may be able to remotely access and monitor call logs from another device or through an online account.

It’s important to note that the exact features and capabilities may vary across different call log monitoring applications, and it’s crucial to comply with local laws and regulations regarding call monitoring and privacy.

9 Best Phone Call Trackers for Your Reference

1. Mobile Carrier Services/Websites

Mobile operator services/websites are online platforms provided by telecommunication companies that allow users to access and manage their telephone services, including call log monitor. It is usually the most reliable and legitimate source to obtain call log information.

2. Intelius

Intelius is a service that offers background checks and phone number lookup services. In addition to these services, Intelius may also provide call tracking. Users can utilize Intelius to gather information about individuals, including their contact details and potentially their call history, for various purposes such as research or personal safety.


3. AT&T

AT&T is a leading telecommunications company that provides call tracking services through its online account access. As a call tracker, AT&T allows users to view and manage their call history, including details such as incoming and outgoing calls, call durations, and caller information. With AT&T’s call tracking feature, users can conveniently monitor and analyze their phone call activities.


4. Verizon

Verizon, a prominent telecommunications company, offers a comprehensive online platform for users to access their phone call tracker services. Through Verizon’s online account tools, users can track and manage their phone call history. This phone call tracker allows users to view incoming and outgoing calls, call durations, and caller details. Verizon’s user-friendly interface makes it convenient to monitor and analyze call activities and stay organized with call management.


5. Spirit

Spirit is a call log monitor that provides users with the ability to track and monitor their call history. With Spirit’s call tracking feature, users can keep a record of incoming and outgoing calls, including call duration and timestamps. This call tracker helps users stay organized and gain insights into their calling patterns. Spirit offers a user-friendly interface for easy access to call logs and efficient call management.


6. MobiStealth

MobiStealth is a powerful call log monitor that allows users to track and monitor call activities on targeted devices. With MobiStealth’s call tracking feature, users can access detailed information about incoming and outgoing calls, including call duration, timestamps, and contact information. It provides comprehensive call tracking capabilities for effective call management.


7. TrackMyFone

TrackMyFone is a versatile call log monitor app that enables users to track and monitor call activities on targeted devices. With TrackMyFone’s call log monitoring feature, users can conveniently access and monitor incoming and outgoing calls, along with call duration, timestamps, and contact details. It provides a comprehensive solution for effective call management and monitoring.


8. MoniMaster

MoniMaster is a reliable software that offers a solution for how to track call history on targeted devices. With MoniMaster’s advanced features, users can easily monitor and track call activities, including incoming and outgoing calls, call duration, and caller information. It provides a user-friendly interface and comprehensive tools for effective call history tracking and management.


9. ClevGuard

ClevGuard is a comprehensive call history tracker that allows users to monitor and track call activities on targeted devices. With ClevGuard’s advanced features, users can easily access and review call history, including incoming and outgoing calls, call duration, and caller details. It provides a reliable solution for tracking and managing call history effectively.


How to Delete Your Call History?

The process for deleting call history may vary depending on the device and operating system.

On an iPhone, you can go to the Phone app, tap on “Recents,” and then tap “Edit” in the top right corner. From there, you can select the calls you want to delete and tap “Delete” to remove them from your call history.

On an Android device, you can typically access your call history through the Phone app and delete individual calls or clear your entire call log.

FAQs About Call Log Monitor

  1. How can I see my call history from months ago?
  2. Most call log monitor apps allow you to view your call history from months ago. Just select the date range you want to view and all the calls from that time period will be displayed.

  3. Can I see older call history on iPhone?
  4. Yes, you can view older call history on an iPhone by going to the Phone app and tapping on “Recents.” From there, you can scroll through your call history to view older calls.

  5. How do I download call history?
  6. Most phones allow you to export call history as a file. Check your phone’s settings or contact your mobile carrier for specific instructions.

  7. How can I retrieve deleted call history?
  8. Some phone call log monitor apps offer the ability to retrieve deleted call history, but this typically requires the app to be installed on the target device before the call history was deleted.


In conclusion, phone call log monitor apps can be a valuable tool for monitoring and tracking call history. Whether you’re looking to keep track of your own call history or monitor someone else’s, there are a variety of apps available to help you do so.

With the right app, you can easily access and manage call logs, view call history from months ago, and even retrieve deleted call logs.

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