How to Retrieve A Deleted Phone Number on Samsung: A Step-by-Step Guide

Losing important phone numbers can be a frustrating experience, but the good news is that you can recover them on your Samsung device. In this guide, we will explore effective methods to retrieve deleted phone numbers and contacts on Samsung smartphones. Whether you accidentally deleted them or experienced a device malfunction, we have you covered.

how to retrive deleted phone number on samsung

How to Retrieve A Deleted Phone Number on Samsung?

Method 1: Using Samsung Cloud Backup

Losing phone numbers can be a nightmare, especially if they are crucial for work or personal connections. Fortunately, Samsung offers a built-in backup feature called Samsung Cloud that can help you retrieve a deleted phone number on your Samsung device.

using samsung cloud backup

Here’s how to use Samsung Cloud Backup effectively:

  1. Access Samsung Cloud: Open your device’s Settings menu and scroll down to find “Accounts and backup”. Tap on it and then select “Samsung Cloud”.
  2. Restore Contacts: Within Samsung Cloud, you’ll find an option called “Restore Contacts.” Tap on it to proceed.
  3. Choose Backup File: Samsung Cloud automatically creates backups of your contacts. You’ll see a list of available backup files sorted by date. Select the most recent backup file or the one containing the phone numbers you want to retrieve.
  4. Restore Phone Numbers: After selecting the backup file, tap on the “Restore” button. Samsung Cloud will begin restoring the contacts from the chosen backup file to your device.
  5. Sync and Verify: Once the restore process is complete, open your Contacts app and ensure that the deleted phone numbers have been successfully recovered. You may need to wait for a few minutes for the sync to complete.

By utilizing Samsung Cloud Backup, you can easily recover deleted phone numbers without the need for third-party software or complex procedures. It’s a convenient and reliable solution offered by Samsung to help you regain access to your important contacts. Remember to regularly back up your data on Samsung Cloud to prevent future data loss and ensure peace of mind.

Method 2: Utilizing Google Account Sync

If you have synced your Samsung device with a Google Account, you can leverage Google’s sync feature to recover deleted phone numbers effortlessly.

utilizing google account sync

Here’s how to retrieve a deleted phone number by Google Account Sync for data recovery:

  1. Open Settings: Navigate to the Settings menu on your Samsung device.
  2. Access Accounts: Look for the “Accounts” or “Accounts and backup” section and tap on it.
  3. Select Google Account: Locate your Google Account from the list of accounts linked to your device and tap on it.
  4. Enable Contacts Sync: Within your Google Account settings, ensure that the “Sync Contacts” option is enabled. This will initiate the syncing process and restore any deleted contacts associated with your Google Account.
  5. Check Contacts App: After the sync is complete, open your Contacts app and verify that the deleted phone numbers have been successfully recovered.

By utilizing Google Account Sync, you can conveniently retrieve deleted phone numbers on your Samsung device. This method ensures seamless integration with your Google Account, making it easy to recover contacts and other data associated with your account.

Method 3: Employing Third-Party Data Recovery Software

In cases where Samsung Cloud or Google Account sync doesn’t provide the desired results, you can turn to third-party data recovery software to recover deleted phone numbers on your Samsung device.

Here’s how to retrieve a phone number i deleted by the third-party software effectively:

  1. Research and Select Software: Explore reputable third-party data recovery software options suitable for Samsung devices. Look for software that supports contact recovery and has positive user reviews.
  2. Connect Device to Computer: Connect your Samsung device to a computer using a USB cable. Ensure that the device is recognized by the computer.
  3. Launch Data Recovery Software: Open the selected data recovery software on your computer and follow the on-screen instructions to initiate the recovery process.
  4. Scan Device for Deleted Data: Allow the software to scan your Samsung device for deleted phone numbers. This process may take some time, depending on the amount of data on your device.
  5. Recover Deleted Phone Numbers: Once the scan is complete, the software will present a list of recoverable data, including deleted phone numbers. Select the desired contacts and proceed with the recovery process.

By utilizing reliable third-party data recovery software, you can effectively retrieve a deleted phone number on your Samsung device. It provides an additional option when built-in backup solutions or sync features fall short. Remember to choose reputable software and follow the instructions carefully to increase the chances of successful data recovery.

Tips to Prevent Phone Number Deletion

Preventing phone number deletion is crucial to avoid the hassle of losing important contacts. Here are some valuable tips to help you safeguard your phone numbers:

Regularly Backup Phone Numbers:

Create a habit of backing up your phone numbers regularly. Utilize built-in backup options like Samsung Cloud, Google Account sync, or third-party backup apps to ensure your contacts are securely stored.

Enable Automatic Sync:

Enable automatic sync with cloud services like Google Account or Samsung Cloud. This way, any changes or additions to your contacts will automatically be backed up, reducing the risk of accidental deletion.

Be Cautious While Deleting Contacts:

Exercise caution when deleting contacts. Double-check the contact details and ensure you’re deleting the correct entry. Taking a moment to verify before confirming the deletion can help you avoid unnecessary data loss.

tips to prevent phone number deletion

Use Contact Management Apps:

Install contact management apps that offer advanced features like contact merging, duplicate detection, and bulk editing. These apps can help you organize and manage your contacts effectively, reducing the chances of accidental deletion.

Export Contacts to External Storage:

Export your contacts to external storage, such as an SD card or computer. This provides an additional layer of backup and ensures you have a copy of your phone numbers in case of device failure or loss.

Keep Multiple Copies:

Maintain multiple copies of your contacts across different platforms or devices. This redundancy ensures that even if one backup fails, you have alternative copies to fall back on.

By implementing these preventive measures, you can significantly reduce the risk of phone number deletion. It’s essential to prioritize data backup and exercise caution when managing your contacts to safeguard your valuable phone numbers and maintain seamless communication.


Accidentally deleting phone numbers can be a distressing experience, but with the right methods and precautions, you can solve on how can i retrieve a phone number i deleted on Samsung devices. By utilizing Samsung Cloud, Google Account sync, or third-party data recovery software, you can restore deleted phone numbers with ease.

Remember to regularly backup your contacts and exercise caution to prevent such incidents in the future. Follow the step-by-step guide provided in this article to regain your valuable phone numbers and maintain peace of mind.

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